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Deepen your Yoga practice and enjoy the benefits of Yoga daily with the Akhanda Yoga Online Membership + APP!

✓ Unlimited Access to 600+ classes: Ad-free + downloadable for offline viewing. New videos added every month.

Regular Live Classes: Where you can connect with Dr. Yogrishi Vishvketu directly in real time.

✓ Live Q&A Sessions Bi-Monthly: Get your Yoga practice questions answered live on Zoom with Dr. Yogrishi Vishvketu.

✓ Community Feature: Filled with supportive, like-minded yogis waiting to welcome you with open arms.

✓ Akhanda Yoga Online Website & App: The convenience of practicing Yoga anywhere in the world using your phone (iOS & Android), computer, AppleTV, FireTV, & ROKU devices.

Join now and experience the profound world of holistic well-being through the authentic teachings of Akhanda Yoga. This popular bestselling membership serves as a sacred space, inviting you to delve beyond the physical postures and explore the depths of traditional Yoga from the Himalayas.

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