The security of your personal information is a prime concern of ours here at Akhanda Yoga. We acknowledge that the protection of your details is fundamental to our ability to maintain your trust. Our privacy policy, as detailed below, is intended to provide to you peace of mind to continue your journey to inner peace. This privacy policy applies to all information you provide to World Conscious Yoga Family Inc., operating as Akhanda Yoga in order to secure our products and services.

What pieces of my information will you be requesting?

For the provision of online classes, the only information we will request is your name and email address. All the billing is conducted through, so the credit card information you enter will never be kept by Akhanda Yoga. Your payment security is in the capable hands of

What will you use my information for?

In short, we only use your information to provide our services to you and let you know of other upcoming programs. When you sign up, you can choose to opt into our newsletter if you would like us to be able to contact you. If after a time you would like to opt-out of communications, just let us know, or click the unsuscribe button at the bottom of the email.

Where is my information stored and how is it protected?

For online classes, your information security is provided by DigitalOcean and MailChimp. DigitalOcean manages the online registration and MailChimp manages the distribution of our newsletter. The servers at DigitalOcean are located in a number of locations throughout the world. In addition to the top-notch security provided by DigitalOcean and MailChimp, we also monitor our systems 24/7 for issues with viruses and malware. Information provided for retreats is processed through and protected by the secure servers provided by Retreat Guru ( In order to reduce waste, reduce costs to our clients and streamline our service we no longer keep paper copies of your information.

Who would have access to my information?

We restrict access to your information strictly to Akhanda staff and our system administrators.

Will my information be used by any third party?

Under no circumstances will we sell or give your information to a third party for an ancillary economic purpose. In fact, the only situations where we may choose provide your information to a third party are as follows:

  • At your request (for instance to validate your certification date);
  • As required by law, in response to a subpoena, court order or legal process or to protect against a claim;
  • If required to investigate, prevent or take action in the case of illegal activities, fraud or threats to the safety of any person;
  • If required to investigate, prevent or take action in the case of abuse of or attack on the provision of our services;
  • To a parent company, subsidiary or other entity in the control of Akhanda Yoga or World Conscious Yoga Family Inc.
  • If Akhanda Yoga and/or World Conscious Yoga Family Inc. is acquired or merged with another entity.
  • Your information will only be disclosed if it is absolutely necessary for one of these purposes.

How long do you keep my information?

We will keep any information you provide to us for as long as you are a client. Once you unsubscribe we will only keep your name and email to ensure compliance with our policy on only using one promotional period. For our YTT training we will keep your name, email, hometown and graduation date to allow us to respond to requests for validation of your qualifications.

Am I able to amend my information after I provide it?

For online classes you may change your name, email or method of payment. The payment information however, is always processed and stored by and will not be retained by us. For Yoga Teacher Trainings, Workshops, In-person Classes and Retreats no online profile is created but if you would like to amend the information you have provided, just notify our friendly staff.

Who can I contact in case I have any questions?