discoverthe healing powerof authentic yoga
discoverthe healing powerof authentic yoga

the healing power
of authentic yoga

experience a life of wholeness & wellbeing

with the most comprehensive

on demand platform of Yogic Wisdom

unlock your highest potential
Learn from an Authentic Himalayan Yoga Master
Learn from an Authentic
Himalayan Yoga Master

Yogrishi Vishvketu has trained over 5.000 students worldwide: he will safely guide you in exploring authentic techniques from the Vedic, Tantric & Adi Nath traditions.

Experience a Practice Beyond Asana
Experience a Practice
Beyond Asana

Yoga is not a workout, it's a work-in! Explore hundreds of practices & get introduced to the healing power of traditional yogic tools.

Exclusive Member Discounts
Exclusive Member Discounts

By signing up to Akhanda Yoga Online, not only you have access to the biggest online source of authentic yogic wisdom, but you receive exclusive discounts on many of our live, & in person offerings!

Explore our Extensive Posture Library
Explore our Extensive
Posture Library

Find hundreds of classes for all levels of practice and watch the informative asana tutorials to improve your postures and pranayama techniques consciously & with awareness.

Free Quarterly Community Practices
Free Quarterly
Community Practices

You will be invited to take part in free live online community practices delivered via zoom. A space for authentic sharing & connection.

Reap the Benefits of a Consistent Practice
Reap the Benefits
of a Consistent Practice

This online space is designed to support you in building a steady, consistent practice. Connect to your Soul Purpose of wellbeing!

Take a closer look at our
Holistic Yoga Library!

explore the many styles of authentic yogic techniques from the comfort of your home

Blissful, fearless

Join Varsha by the banks of the Ganges for this blissful 40-minute class starting with the full Gayatri Kriya sequence and sun salutations and closing with a sweet anuloma viloma practice.

Akhanda Intermediate

Shiva Shakti Power

Kundalini practice intends to balance the energies of our creative force and well being. By balancing the Shiva and Shakti energies, we may harness our energies to achieve our highest potential.

Classical Kundalini

Anuloma Viloma

A 20 minute pranayama class exploring three different speeds of Anulom Vilom Pranayama working on different levels of your mind: conscious, unconscious, subconscious.


Holistic Recovery: Post Covid Yoga

Do you want to know how to proceed with your yoga practice after covid to strengthen your breath, start moving your body again and increase resilience with awareness?

Specialized Classes

Resting in Your True Self

Recharge, revitalise & release stress on a cellular level with this deeply relaxing and nourishing Yoga Nidra practice with Yogrishi. 

Yoga Nidra

Prenatal Yoga: Nurture Yourself

Join Morena (Shree Sundari) by the banks of the Ganges for this complete, grounding prenatal class.

Women's Health

Take a step into wellbeing!

Experience the benefits of a daily practice, with hundreds of classes and series to guide you into becoming the best version of yourself.

Join the ever growing
Akhanda Yoga Global Family

With the quarterly live connects you will feel the support of like-minded practitioners in a safe and uplifting environment.

Claudia Buzzetti, Milano, Italy
Chaz Ibrahim, Canada
Elisabeth, Ottawa, Canada
Atmanand, Ontario, Canada
Amanda, Edmonton, Canada

I have been using AYO since it was launched and it's my n1 choice to practice embodiment daily. If you are seeking for an online platform that will consistently give you that sense of wellbeing...look no more!

Claudia Buzzetti, Milano, Italy

Akhanda Yoga Institute has helped to heal me in so many ways: the teachings & methodology have allowed me to release blockages. I recommend AYO to anyone who wants to live their best life.

Chaz Ibrahim, Canada

As a Yoga teacher it's very challenging to stay inspired. But wen I open AYO I know I will never be let down: I find inspiration with laughter and the chance of being transported to the banks of the Ganga!

Elisabeth, Ottawa, Canada

I love having the best teacher there is -Vishvaji- anywhere and anytime! Some days, instead of practicing on my own, I prefer being guided and I really appreciate the variety there is on AYO.

Atmanand, Ontario, Canada

I love the variety of class types and the different lengths: these allow me to fit my practice into my busy schedule and match my daily specific needs.

Amanda, Edmonton, Canada

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